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Actress Moushumi Hamid is on the verge of marriage

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Published: 11:22, 13 January 2024

Update: 11:24, 13 January 2024

Actress Moushumi Hamid is on the verge of marriage

Actress Moushumi Hamid is on the verge of marriage

Actress Moushumi Hamid's marriage ceremony is happening today on Friday. And in the meantime, on the evening of January 10, his body turned yellow. The name of Moushumi who is going to marry is Abu Sayeed. He is a permanent resident of Dhaka. Both of them are involved in the showbiz arena. But Syed works behind the camera.

It is known that Abu Syed and Moushumi Hamid were in love for several days. After that, they are going to sit on the wedding step by family decision. However, none of the two have opened their mouths about marriage yet. However, on Wednesday night, several pictures of them wearing yellow were published on social media. Where colleagues were seen wishing the newlyweds well.

It is known that Moushumi Hamid is preparing the wedding with the actress's family and some close friends. After the wedding, they plan to go on a honeymoon abroad.

It should be noted that for a long time, he had to face a question in the face of all media journalists. Be it on mobile or face to face. Then he used to say in every answer, don't marry unless you are taller than him. The height of Moushumi is five feet nine and half inches. In that case his container should be at least five feet ten inches. Moushumi Hamid had to spend a long time for this marriage because she could not get a long-bodied husband. His height became a big obstacle for marriage. On the other hand, because the marriage was getting late, he might have once said, "I don't like short boys." Short boys are devils.' He said this with no less sadness. He said such things in a faceless manner because he was past the age of marriage. Moushumi Hamid is now almost forty. Finally, at the age of forty, he found Abu Sayed, a cameraman from his professional field.

Moushumi Hamid entered the entertainment arena through Lux Superstar competition. After that he worked in drama, film, OTT in all mediums. The latest movie '1971 Se Sab Din' starring Moushumi was released on August 18 last year. The late Dr. Based on the story of Inamul Haque, it was produced by his daughter actress and producer Hridi Haque.

Apart from this, two more movies of this actress are awaiting release. The two movies are Sohel Rana Bayati's 'Naaya Manhoo' and Habibul Islam Habib's 'Japit Jiban'.

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